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We Provide delivery all around Jordan

Eid Dahdel & Co. is the first factory for the greenhouses, kayasar and gas reservoirs in Jordan. It has 40 years of experience. Our products have been characterized by meticulous design and beauty of the landscape and its conformity to the Jordanian and international specifications. It has been widely accepted by all citizens in the Kingdom. The first in the ranks of famous names and brilliant at the level of Jordan and the world, which is our people because we are distinguished from all producers and importers, whether in Jordan or abroad, so we achieved the goal and set off for the world.

Modern Products ” Romo International & Partners Co. ” is characterized with careful design, nice-looking form and matching Jordan and world standards. Therefore, the Company’s products are wide accepted by all the Jordanian people, culminating in obtaining the international quality certificate. So, it became the first brand name among the famous and shiny brand names in Jordan and in the world, which made it the best among all the producers and importers in Jordan and abroad. As a result, the Company made its start to universality.